The Ngo has been implying the following Projects with aid from Central Government CSR Fund and public Contribution.

PMKVY Phase 1 & 2nd    - The Ngo is approved by NSDC ( Ministry of Skill Department Govt of India) for FTCP and Retail Sector in PMKVY Phase-1 and 2nd for 2016 to 2020.243 Youths have passed the FTCP & Retailer Asocial exam. 322 Trainees are under training 57 youth have got Placement.
                             Practical class                                      Theory Class 

        Mr. Vikash Sir taking the FTCP class           The Students Taking practical Class

Mr. Harish Chand President Matikala Board Govt of Raj, Miss Arpana Rolan ( Jila Pramukh,              Sikar) and other VIP Inaugurating the Kaushal Mela on  27/06/2017. 


 PMKVY – FTCP  Trainees with the Assessors Mr Devendra  & Mr Vijay Garg.

NDLM & PMG-DISHA Project - 
Free Computer Training for about 1800 rural have been provided by our society under scheme NDLM & PMG-DISHA granted by Govt of India.
Shri 108 Shri Ramsumaran Dasji and Shri Mangal Chand (Member,Jila Prashid, Sikar)     
     Inaugurating the NDLM Project and the Trainees Taking the Class.
Sweep ProjectFor to Awaken Rural votors for their Rights, The Society Leaded the Sweep Project aided by Govt of Rajasthan.
    • Mr. Banwari lal (Tehsildar, Dantaramgarh )departing the kalash yatra showing the green  flag with other administrative officers & society’s officers. Students  are Participating in Sweep Project under Society leading.
Women Empowerment Projects - 
The Ngo has Provided and under running the following projects with CSR funds.
Smt Bindu chodhariy (Jila pramukh, Nagaur) Inaugurating the Kalyan Kutir Ughog training.
Tailoring and Weaving / Knitting Project - 1384 Rural Women and youth girls have trained in tailoring and Knitting and 69 are under training FREELY recently


                                               Tailoring and Weaving

  Beauty parlor Training Project  - 
28,37  Rural Women & youth Girls have been trained in beauty Parlor Training and 117 Rural are under Training by our Ngo.  
  Mr. B.L. Sarswat and Mr. Omprakash Rar &  (D.O. Samaj Kalyan Vibahage Sikar) Shri      
          Shyam Sharma Inaugurating the 15 th & 16th  Beauty Parlor Trainings

 Ms. Pinki Taking Parlor Class and Mrs. Santosh Choudhary dire. Sarswati 
       sen.sec.sch.& ITI college dantaramgrah and Smt. Santra Lora director Indane Gas 
       agency Dantaramgarh are inaugurating the 14th beauty parlour batch.
FREE RSCIT Women Training Project - 
The Ngo has provided  RSCIT Course for  Sc Women FREELY  aided by Ministry of WCD, Govt of Rajasthan.
The Rural Women Getting RSCIT Computer Course


            Old helpless and family consultation center Project :-
The Ngo has been implying old helpless and family consultation center for 2013-14 to continue at its B. O DantaRamgarh. The center is providing free not only guidance but also application forms for various dept. govt. non-govt schemes. The Ngo held a old age’s pension schemes camp on june 6-2014 83 person’s pension was sanctioned  by govt of Rajasthan. 
Mr. Shivpal Chadhary (Director,Tagor P.G. College) and Mr. Tejpal Chodhary (Director, Indane Gas Agency, DTR)are inaugurating the old, helpless and family advice center, with Mr. B.L. Kumawat (The Ngo Founder)
  Awake Women – Awaken Women – for your Rights Project:-
The society has organized 5 days from (Feb. 13.2013  to Feb. 17.3014 and Oct.24,2015 to Oct.28,2015)  Rajasthan Tour to 5 ladies group  for to pump-shows, awaken ladies rights about the schemes implied by state/ center and UNO. The group has been awakened the historical, Geographical knowledge and culture exchanged South Rajasthan to west Rajasthan. They may get and send a good message in women society
 Smt. Prakash Kanwar (Ex. Sarpanch, Bhanija) Mr. Babulal kumawat    (society founder), smt Prem lata and Smt Anita Sharma Departing the Rajasthan Tour showing Green flag.

  Skill Development Project :-
The Ngo has provided following skill development trainings to Danaramgarh Tehsil ( Sikar ) and Nanwa Tehsil ( Nagaur )’s er-employers, youths, helpless, widow and poor FREE OF COAST with Ministry of Women & Child Govt. of Rajasthan, CSR Funds and Public contribution –
Name of Training
Number of batches
Nu . of beneficiaries
Beauty Parlor
Computer Hardware
Computer Software with RSCIT Degree
English Spoken & Foundation

The Hardware trainees taking practical class.        Taking the trainees software  with      
                                                                                           RSCIT compter trai

Smt. Santosh Sharm ( CBO. Dantaramgarh)                        Dr Shaline Garg, Dr. Suresh Yadav.Dr.Samir
Inaugurating Free RSCIT Women 8th Batches.                             Inaugurating 29th Parlor Batche.

1.   Life  skill Development Traning Poject:-

 on to The Ngo organized 7 days life skill Development  Touimay project  for 100  13to18  Age’s students The participants hare been treined many skills, presnalty  developments  , Adolscent problems and their solutions , using way useless things etc. with CSR funder Aakash education services New Delhi 

The participants and Mr. Tarun Joshi ( Cord. NYS Sikar) Mr. B.L. Kumawat honoring to Shri Raj (S.H.O.) Mr. Jajendre Sain(Dept. DiretorNYS Dehli )on the Block  Dantaramgarh and other VIP on the occasion . Level Youth Parliament Project. Inauguration.  

A.Education kit disributom project:-  (jully 2.2019to jan 31, 2020)The Ngo has disnbuted 10,000 note books, 200 school bags 300 sweaters and 50 school uniform to poor students are study Govt schools. 
Mr. Pankaj Khandelwal (Dir. CSR Khandelawal Trader) Mrs. Santosh Sharma( CBO, DTR), Mr. Shankar Reigar,  and other donators dividing educational Kit and wool clothes to various Govt. School’s students

Distributim polithinless  bags &swath project:- The Ngo has provided 2000 cloth, carry which prepared by tailnay batchs to Govt / non Govt school ‘s students They hare been awakcned and oothed boy use plastic carry bags. With CSR funders-shwan treding  comp. DTR. 
No use plastic bags oathing by learners and officers and dividing cloth bags instead plastic 

  Women Empowerment Projects – The Ngo has provided the following not only Women Empowerment trainings but also employments to Dantaramgarh ( Sikar ) and Nanwa ( Nagaur ) Tehsil’s er-employers youths , women, poor and helpless peoples Free of Coast with CSR funding, Public contribution  and Seth Bhuramal Trust-
Name of Trainings
No. of batches
Nu. Of beneficiaries
Vocational Training By Tailoring and Weaving
Handicraft trainings
Poly-theneless bag production
Herbal Medical Care Training
Canning/ Binding Training


Mr. Murari lal Rao ( Divi. Officer Sanskirt Edu.        The women empowerment ( Handicraft batch 
Jaipur ) Inaugurating the13th tailoring batch.                          Taking the practical class.

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