LPG Safety Clinic Camps - Our Society Has Organized  8 LPG Safety Clinic Camps for to awaken for LPG and fuel Source to rural at DantaRamgarh Tahsil with CSR funds.
   Tejpal chodory (Director Dantaramgarh ) Indane Gas Agency,Mr. Puran Nagora(Dire.DantaRamgarh Rural  Gas    Agency,DTR)  giving  tricks for  L P G Safety and save way The participants in the LPG Safety clinic camp.

                  Organized Blood Donation Camps;-

The NGO has donated 130 unit Blood in the Blood Donation camp which  organized by Noble Sen.Sec school Dantaramgarh  on Jan 16,2013, Nove. 18,2017 at Jeenmatajithe and Feb.17,2012 at Madhav Sewa Pranyash, DantaRamgarh helped very well in the camps.

 A Workshop on  Co-operation In Water Preservation by Women & Students :-
Not only Rajasthan but also India, all world is facing to the burning crisis of water. For water crisis’s solution,  new invention save water,   the NGO held  awaken workshop for it at it’s B.O. office on June 30,2013 with helping Tehsil’s level schools and  colleges  student’s women and water conservation comittess.
The VIP and the society’s founder Mr.B.L. kumawat on the stage on women & students cooperation in water preservation’s work shop. 
Children’s Rights Workshop:-The society organized a workshop for to awaken children‘s right and the schemes for them which are being implied by state/ central/ U.N.O. /N.G.O. at B.O.  Dantaramgarh on August 10,2013 and Feb.2,2016  883 children have participated in the work shop. 

Mr. B.L. kumawat (founder) is addressing the workshop and other guests are on the stage on children’s Rights work shop  
Tobaco Exhibition Day :-
The society organized Tobaco Exhibition Day with helping school’s colleges students on Oct. 2. 2012 in memory of Gandhji and   Shastiriji  Jayanti (BirthDay). Many programs i.e cultural, debate,  postor, speech/ street play were implied by the society.
 Mr. Ratan Yadav (Representative of gram. Panchyal, Mr.Sohan lal (principal.govt. sen. San. School and Mr.  B.L. Kumawat (Society founder) are distributing the prizes forThe activities to the winnes.
World yoga Day & Acupressure Camps June 21 Every year:- The Ngo organized world yoga day and a day Acupressure Comp at B.O Danta Ramgarh

Superstition and Science Miraculous workshop for three days:-
                                                The  Ngo held  Workshops “ Superstition and Science Miraculous” for three days at Govt. Var. upp. Sanskrit School DantaRamgarh (Sikar) and  Govt. Sen. Sec. School Ghatwa (Nagaur) from Feb. 26, 2018 to Feb. 28, 2018 with help of State  Resorts Center  mother Ngo.



       Science Awareness Exhibition of  Miraculous inventions Presenting by
                   State Resorts Center’s representative with . the Ngo’s staffs. 

In Medical Sector :-
The Ngo organized the following medical camps for to provide specialized doctor’s services to the poor and the  rural  freely .  They have been provided not only medicines,glasses, advices, bul also surgical operations  freely.On 
– 5/08/2018  
 Vashali hospital doctors team on the dais and checking the patients.
The doctors on the dais and the patients taking their cures with them

  The Ngo celebrated world Cancer  Day on  Oct.10,2018, Smoking exhibition work shop Oct.12,2018 and World Aids Day (Dec. 01,2018) like every year.
1.   Govt Primary Health Center Dantarmgarh Development Project
Though Dantaramgarh (Sikar) Rajasthan is Tehsil headquarter yet it has PHC there neither primary lab facility nor modern checking machinery.  About 400 patients are registered for outdoor daily. The inhabitants have to go 30 KM. away from here for common checking. The Ngo has felt the human crisis and it established X-ray Machine with lab by Central Plywood Pvt. Ltd. Kolkatta, CBC machine with Lab by Mr. Omprakash Gupta Pro. Agarwal Traders, Uman ( U.A.E. )  Five beds with all necessary instruments with public contribution. The Ngo has target 3 wards, Bio Chemistry Analyzer Aspen, CVT Machine to provide to Govt. PHC.
has target 3 wards, Bio Chemistry Analyzer Aspen, CVT Machine to provide to Govt. PHC.
Mr. Virendra Singh M.L.A. Dantaramgarh,       Best Ngo’s Award 2020 for Social, Medical and 
Mr. D.P. Sharma X-Jila Pramukh Sikar and         ducational Service  By  S. D. M. Dantaramgarh. 
Other VIP on the dais On X-Ray lab Inauguration

Inaugurating E.C.G. Machine and lab by Mr. O.P.     Honoring to Mr. O.P. Gupta ( Donator ECG 
Gupta and others at Govt PHC Dantaragmarh.        Machine &  Lab. By Ngo’s Officers. 

LPG safety awakening camps:-
(on jan. 1.2020 to mar. 31 2020)The Ngo organized  8 comps at dantaramgarh
Block in sikar district for awakening to women & young female LPG. Safety, with helping  by CSR funds ABB india Ltd. Fridabad & dantaramgarh indane Gas Agency .DTR 


Mr. Pankaj ( Agarwal Traders CSR Pro.), Mr. Murari lal Rao (Divi. Officer, Sanskrit Edu. Jaipur, Mr. S.P. Sharma ( Pricipal Govt. Sanskrit P.G.College Chak) Mrs. Madhu Swami( Sarpach G.P. Dtr) Mrs. Santra lora (Pro. Indane Gas Agency ) and other VIP on the LPG Awakening Camp and Education Kit distribution function. 
Multi purpose medical Camp. On 27.9.2019The Ngo held a multipurpose medical camp at Agarwal Dharmshala dantaramgarh . 487 patients registered. They have been provided freely  medicine advices all kind of medical reports by mahatma Gandhi Hospital jaipur’s speliests with CSR pundev – Agarwal exports  jaipur .
Mahatma Ghandi Hospital Jaipur team with Ngo’s staff on Multi Purpose camp. 
The Mahatma Gandhi Hospital’s specialist checking the patients in Medical camp. 

Women Legal Awareness Camp on ( Feb, 19, 2020 to Feb.20, 2020 )

The Ngo held a two days women legal awareness seminar at Dantaramgarh for to provide women’s Rights, their Govt./ Non Govt. schemes, their constitutional legal protection way especial for SC, ST, OBC women funded by Shri Motilal Swami ( Principal)


Mr.R.K. Dixit ( Magistrate Raj. High Court DTR, Mrs. Bimla Devi ( Ass. CPDPO Dtr ) , Ngo’s Officers and Other VIP departing the Legal awareness rally by showing green flag.


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