1. World Women Day :- Every year the Ngo celebrates  World Women Day on March8.  On the day it adorn 6 prizes to SC/ST/OBC women who work for women development in Dantaramgarh Tehsil


 Govt. of Rajasthan promoted Dantaramgah ADJ Court on World Women Day and posted Mrs. Rena Sharma the first Women ADJ in it. The Ngo honored her on the such occasion.

 2Sardar Balabh Bhai Patel UnMukhi Work-shops:- With grant of ERSC India,Govt of India the Ngo held 5 Ministry’s Entrepreneurship programs work shops in 5 grampanchayats (Surera,Mai,Khachariyawas, Bharija & Ramgarh)1230 poor rural BPL family ir- employers youths are awakened th Ministry’s schemes, loan and subsidy.

          Participating in Sardar Balabh Bhai Patel Entrepreneurship programs work shops

3.  India Stock Exchange and Share Market Seminar :- The Ngo organized India stock Exchange and share market seminar with grant by Rajasthan Central University for 110 Rural Youths. They were told not run behind only Govt Job Instead the Strain Must aid with share Market by Experts . They May earn more money than govt Jabs.


Glimps of Indian Stock Exhange and Share Market seminar. VIP- Mr.Tarun Joshi ( DYO, Sikar) Mr.                            Professor Govt Rajasthan Central University, Jaipur are on dais. 

4.  World Yoga Day& Yoga training Camp:- A Yogo training camp is held by the Ngo on World Yoga Day June 21,2022 at B.O. DantaRamgarh with Dr. Vashudev Thadani, Sikar’s Grant. Trainers Dr.Pooja Sharma Govt. Aaush Hospital Dantantrmagah  K.C. Sharma P.E.T. Govt Sanskirt School and Jyoti Kumawat told Natural Medicine & Yoga training 129 Male 363 students 176 women participated in it.  

        The Rural youths participating in World Yoga Day and Yoga Training camp.

5.   Girls Right Day: Today girls are facing many problems in Indian Society Special on they leave their homes.  For their solution’s and their constituter’s rights awakening the Ngo held a seminar on feb 24,2022 at B.O. DantaRamgarh for 100 youth girls. The resource Persons and Experts knew their problem face to face and told their solution by legally special protection by police helping toll free Numbers, Govt schemes and other way. Such occasion the Ngo provided 10 sewing machines and tailoring training to the poor youths for earn their live hood.


Mrs. Santosh sharma (CBEO, Dtr) Mr. Mukesh Jatoliya ( Principal, Sanskrit School, Mr. Puran Lawat ( Social server) , Mrs Rekha Chodhary (Manager BRKG Bank), Mr.Bhupendera Pareek(DI. Sanskrit Dept. Jaipur and  the Ngo officers dividing the sewing machines to poor rural youths.

  6  World Science Day : The Ngo held a Science Fair for Dantaramgarh Tehsil’s higher educational Institutes’ students   to participate in the fair and may show their science skill, hobbies, new inventions and technology at Govt Sanskrit school Dantaramgarh on feb.28, 2022. The Ngo provided them certificates, mementos and  cash rewards to winner teams.


Dividing prizing the New Inventions winners and participating science awakening worshop

7. National Unity & Sacrifice Progarm:-The Ngo celebrated National Unity & Sacrifice Program from Oct.1,2021 to Oct.31,2022 for 1 month by aided Nehru Yuwa Sangthan Sikar for grow patriotism integrity, secularism and save our Indian culture in 7 Village’s (Jeenmataji, Khatu, Bai, Ramgarh, Manda, Dholasari) by various programs. The program ended on Sahid Diwas on March 24,2022 with grand rally and night shows. 

           Participating in National Unity & Sacrifice program and organizing Sahid Diwas 

8. Water Harvesting and New Innovation Progaram:- growing water crisis, declining water level, save water for our new generation, Proper use of remaining Water, Water harvesting methods, Govt subsidy for this work with such objects the Ngo water harvesting and new innovation program for 110 Rural women with FinCop Ltd.

9. Smoking Inhibition & Cancer Awakening Work Shop:- for to prevent modern youth’s growing Intoxicate,  smoking habits and awakening for non curable disease cancer the Ngo held a grand ralley with DantaRamgarh Govt/ Non gov School and college students into whole town . The rally converted into work shop Various smoking  preventation competitions e.i. drawing poster, quiz, debate and play act were organized and adorned prizes to winners by the Ngo. A Pledge was sworn for not smoking by the participants. They were awakened by resource persons. The work shop was aided by give India foundation.

Awakening smoking’s result.     Mr. Mukesh Bajiya Mr. Vimal Kumar and other expertsTelling the infection of smoking and organizing the workshop.

 10. Youth Week and their Skill development Week Program:-

300 students reading class 9 to 12 in Govt Schools have been participated Seven days   into youth week which was held by the Ngo with aided by Smt. Rameshwari Pareek ,Jaipur . The Participants Were trained according their hobbies i.e. tailoring, weaving, Parlor, compute,r Ironing Heena, dancing & repairing the domestic electrical Instruments.

   Participating in Youth Week and their skill development program.


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